About The Tools In The Toolkit

Please feel free to download and share all of the materials you find on this page! If you have questions, please reach out to us here. We’d love to hear from you! If you have not received a presentation from The Basics but would like to know more about it, please click here to request a presentation.

Overview Poster.2.jpg


This poster gives a general overview of each of The Basics while also explaining why they matter. It is best used to be hung in a waiting area or front desk.



As a bookmark, it is great to give to parents, caregivers, and educators alike! The front lists each of The Basics, while the back encourages users to write out how they can best use each of The Basics.

Activity Card.jpg

Activity Card

This activity card has The Basics listed on the front and examples of what to do for each of The Basics on the back. It’s a great tool to give to parents and caregivers in order to explain The Basics and encourage them to use each of The Basics.

Back and Front Overview Handout_Page_1.jpg

Informational One-Pager

This back-and-front document will give you a brief overview of The Basics, why they are important, how they came about, and how you can connect

Interactive Activity Page_Page_1.jpg

Interactive Activities

This is a great tool to use during presentations and events. It includes examples of easy activities for each of The Basics and the science behind each of them.

My ABC Plan.jpg

ABC Plan

Once a parent, caregiver, or professional is familiar with The Basics, it’s time to take action. That’s what the ABC Plan is for! Not only will it encourage them to take an action, it also lays out the benefits and challenges of that action. There is an online form here as well.

One Pager Chattanooga Basics.jpg

What Are The Basics?

Introduce colleagues or families to the Basics with this one-page overview. The handout includes a brief introduction to the Basics campaign and five Basics principles.

Tip Sheets Chattanooga Basics_Page_1.jpg

Five Basics Tip Sheets

Share caregiving tips and ideas. Find one tip sheet for each of the five Basics. Disseminate broadly in hard copy and electronically. Tips can be used with providers and families to spark discussions and practice during trainings or meetings. Send them home to reinforce concepts covered.

Poem.Community Contract Chattanooga Basics.jpg

Poem: The Basics Community Contract

Share the vision of the Basics movement. This poem describes how an entire community can come together to support families with young children. Addresses all five Basics.

Poem.The Caregivers Promise Chattanooga Basics.jpg

Poem: The Basics Caregiver's Promise

Inspire commitments from new parents and caregivers with this poem from the perspective of a fellow caregiver. The poem's narrator recites a set of promises to their new baby, linked to each of the five Basics.